Why I joined a sorority

Previously posted in the Greek Life Special edition of the Plainsman


Going through recruitment last year, I remember constantly being asked one particular question, “Why do you want to join a sorority?” I’d always reply with something along the lines of wanting to become involved and make connections, but I truly never knew the reason why. Honestly, the only thing that came to mind when I was asked, was random lyrics to Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift. All I knew was I wanted to be apart of something bigger.

Now when I am asked why, I simply answer because I don’t know where I would be without my sisters. Coming to a big SEC school from a different state, I had no one. My friends went to other colleges and I left my best friend back home. Moving away was a difficult change for me because I was so used to being surrounded by friends and family no matter where I went. I never really had to “start over” until college, and joining a sorority made that change a little less scary.

After I received my bid, I stopped being scared. Even walking around campus felt different after Bid Day. I didn’t know where I was half the time, but knowing I had a support system of 200-something new sisters was indescribably comforting. As cheesy as it sounds, I found my true home away from my out-of-state home, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So far, I’ve met girls that have helped me get a job that I love, become involved on campus and learn how drive, or walk for that matter, around Auburn without Siri. I’ve met girls whom I know will be my best friends not just for the four, or five, years of college, but beyond that.

I’m a stronger and better person because of my sisterhood. My sorority has shaped me into the young woman I am today and will continue to. These women are the biggest and best support system I have, and I feel blessed to be apart of such an encouraging and life-long sisterhood. I never have to be afraid, and this is why I joined a sorority.

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